Cloud Transformation Roadmap

The 7 steps outlined in a recent Virtana blog are great guidelines to successfully migrate to the cloud. Have others taken similar steps? Or is there other steps you’ve taken along the way? I’d love to hear everyone’s experience.

“In the early days of digital transformation, many organizations—and even the U.S. federal government—who were eager to reap the benefits of the cloud instituted cloud-first policies to accelerate the pace of adoption. The idea was to always default to cloud-native deployment. But there are several problems with this approach. First, unless you’re a brand-new startup, you’ve already got applications and data, and other associated components such as storage, on-premises. You’re not going to ditch all those investments for new cloud-first alternatives. Even if you could lift and shift the entire thing lock, stock, and barrel—which, by the way, is highly unlikely—you’d still have decisions to make and migration work to do. That’s why companies shifted away from cloud-first in favor of cloud-smart, which focuses more on the how, rather than just the what, and takes an outcomes-based approach to get optimal benefits from performance, cost, and risk perspectives.” Read more: Your Enterprise Cloud Transformation Roadmap: 7 Steps to Success