Dirty, Dirty Optics!?!?

I’m interested in seeing how maniacal people are about being proactive in managing their fibre infrastructure. I feel, having been responsible for monitoring infrastructure performance for many years, that it’s the vital bridge or artery between devices within the data center and requires the utmost care and attention when making new connections in the data center.

Do you use patch cleaning kits? Do you clean the SFPs? Do you use a fibre scope?

Truth be told, I have seen extremes on both ends of the spectrum. I have seen data centers as clean as surgical operating rooms and I’ve seen boxes being broken down behind the server and storage racks, followed by the classic “shirt wipe” maneuver for cleaning optics. How knows, maybe there is a market for a custom clothing line with a fibre cleaning wipe on the sleeve?

Share your stories… :slight_smile:

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