Hybrid Cloud Strategy

" Defining your hybrid cloud architecture requires you to make a lot of decisions, such as cloud deployment model (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), cloud OS, security controls, network topologies, and even your own teams’ skills and capacity, to name just a few. Often, the right choice isn’t obvious—you will need to make trade-offs. Having a clear set of cloud migration objectives and priorities will provide guideposts to help you make the best hybrid architecture decisions for your business. Are you primarily looking to reduce costs, enable business transformation, improve the customer experience, or increase operational agility? What are the specific requirements you need to achieve those goals? Which workloads are mission-critical? Which present the biggest opportunity for business value? How suitable are they for migration? What resources—budgetary and human—are available? Hybrid cloud isn’t the goal; it’s the means to your goal, but only if you architect it smartly. And to do that, you need to first answer these questions." Read more here: Hybrid Cloud: How to Build an Effective Strategy – Virtana

What does your hybrid cloud strategy look like?

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