Road Trip to the Cloud

I found this Virtana blog very entertaining as we can all relate to a long, painful car ride.

‘If I have to pull this car over, there will be trouble!’ Does this evoke childhood memories of summer adventures in the family car? It’s the same sort of dread we get when the IT budget holder turns around and threatens to pull over on our journey to the cloud or hybrid cloud. The family summer road trip may be filled with great expectations, but the last thing we want is an unforeseen disruption along the way. And migration to the cloud is no different. To continue this analogy, the bumps on the road to avoid are the ones around cost, performance, and risk. So, here are some thoughts on how to identify the challenges and navigate to your destination smoothly:” Read the full blog on the road trip to the cloud: Migration to the Cloud: Successful Cloud Journey – Virtana

As Virtana customers, what was your road trip to the cloud like? Was it ACTUALLY as painful as a long hot drive? How did having visibility into your private cloud infrastructure help your migration to a hybrid format?