SLA Peace of Mind

Interesting thoughts on SLA’s:

“First, let’s talk a hybrid cloud strategy. Hybrid cloud means that your infrastructure can be hosted anywhere. How do you maintain performance SLAs in such a dispersed environment? The important solution is to centralize monitoring, so you are getting performance-based feeds from all elements into a ‘single source of truth’. It is tempting to think you can manage the new hybrid environment using your traditional tools – but you can’t. Hybrid infrastructure needs a hybrid management approach, not single point solutions.” Read more: SLA Services: Maintain Productivity & Protect Revenue

Before using Virtana, did you ever worry about meeting your SLA’s? If, so what was the scenario? In general, how has Virtana given you the peace of mind to meet your SLA’s? Success stories are GREAT to hear and could help other’s utilize the product in a different way!